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with unlimited networking possibilities.

No more printed business cards that just gets thrown away.

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Create your digital business card in a few minutes and Go Green.

Create your EZFIT card in few minutes. Edit your EZFIT card in a second. Add links and portfolio to your EZFIT card. Automatically update any changes to your EZFIT card.

Share your digital business card in a few seconds.

Sharing EZFit Card is fast and easy with a phone number or email. Never run out of your business cards. Unlimited sharing anytime.

Best EZFit Card networking system ever.

Free networking system to promote and expand your business. Search and Share, Rate and review.

What is EZFit Card?

It is your digital business card with endless opportunities. Create it in a few minutes with detailed information about your business, you can add pictures of products and services you provide or links to your projects and portfolio. Add your YouTube channel or SoundCloud of your creative works. Add your Social media to EZFit Card to expand your follower’s network.

Start with your personal information like name, last name, date of birth and your picture.

Create your digital Business card with detailed information about your business or work you do, don't forget to add your company’s Logo.

Add any business-related links, MLS listing, YouTube channel, Work presentation materials, SoundCloud or pictures of your work.

You can even add prices for your product or services.

Add social media accounts in your business profile so people will be able to open it by a simple click on any of the icons and become your friend.

Share your new Digital business card to everyone in few seconds by simply entering persons phone number, email or anyone from your existing contacts.

More you share your EZFit card bigger network of potential clients will have. Enjoy this new friendly business networking system.

How to create your EZFit Card?

Fallow self-explanatory steps to create your first digital business card. If you missed something at the first moment you can always go back and edit your EZFit Card or add new things. Don’t worry to change your mobile phone number because it will update automatically as soon you save changes.

How to share EZFit Card?

It takes a few seconds to share your digital card using person’s phone number, email or existing contacts in your phone book. Go to AppStore or Google Play, download the app and start enjoying it. More you share it bigger your network will grow.

Reviews and Ratings.

In EZFit Card users will be able to rate each other and leave comments and reviews products and services. We made the communication even more simple and fast for you with EZFIT card application messenger.

For example, if you used a plumber to fix your boiler and he did a great job you can rate his service and he can rate and write review about you if you were late on a payment or even did not pay for his services so other people will know who is providing with great service.

In this case, both parties will do everything to provide best service to customer because their service will be rated.